Wind power could blow benefits to state

from The Journal News

Chicago’s famous as the Windy City.

I used to think it was because of the freezing breezes that roared off Lake Michigan and rattled your teeth, except for the hottest months.

Turns out, the name may have come about because of all the hot air in those Illinois politicians.

Boston, apparently, is windier than Chicago.

As a state, New York is the nation’s 15th windiest, well behind top-seeded North Dakota, but still seemingly a good candidate for those Calderesque turbines that are supposed to turn a free, natural force into the electricity we crave more and more.

So why isn’t the technology gaining more traction?

Why does wind account for less than 1 percent of the electricity we New Yorkers use, while fossil fuel plants still provide more than 40 percent of our capacity?

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