Ballot Access News: Possible states for ballot access lawsuits

Ballot Access News pointed out that in the State of Arkansas and the State of Pennsylvania, ballot access laws are extremely unfair and limiting. But, because of the successes and on-the-ground situations this election, Ballot Access News thinks it might work for the Green Party in Arkansas and the Libertarian Party in Pennsylvania to point out their election successes this year and challenge the laws of those states about the means to ballot access.

(excerpt from) Ballot Access News

Two Minor Parties Well-Positioned to Challenge State Law on How a Party Remains on the Ballot

November 5th, 2008

No federal court has ever struck down any state’s law, on how a party remains on the ballot. However, the Arkansas Green Party, and the Pennsylvania Libertarian Party, are in an excellent position to file such lawsuits and win them.

The Arkansas Green Party…It is absurd for a state to say a party that achieved what the Green Party did in 2008, does not have enough voter support to justify being on the ballot in the next election.

In Pennsylvania, the Libertarian Party polled enough votes for some of the statewide state offices to meet the state’s definition of “party”. But it is treated as though it weren’t a qualified party, because it has registration of less than 15% of the state total…

Full story is: here.

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