Update: Hempstead 15 in court (re: Hofstra Debate Anti-War Demo)

This is in regards to the case of 15 people – some veterans, some regular citizens – who went to the Hofstra Presidetial Debates in hopes of asking questions relating to the treatment of veterans, and the War in Iraq. 15 people were wrongfully arrested, as they tried to express their right to Free Speech. In addition, Nassau County mounted police used horses as weapons against them, and one person was severely hurt, with a fractured cheekbone. More info and ways to donate for medical bill can be found at: www.ivaw.org.

Update 11/12/08:I attended court today in the stands for Adam Kokesh. Adam was there with his attorney, and some other supporters. More to follow, and possibly a few photos of Adam and his attorney. The main outcome: Adam Kokesh will have his trial on Thursday, December 11th. Sounds like the trial would happen sometime after 10am. In addition, Wednesday, December 10th and Thurs. Dec. 11th are appearance dates for some of the other Hempstead 15. So, we will standby for which dates the IVAW folks would prefer the community come out in full force for. -KW

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  1. Thanks for the update. And thank you to the Hempstead 15 and all of their supporters willing to stand up for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and oppose tyranny on all fronts. Will be there the 10th or the 11th, maybe both.

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