If you watch it, think about it, too: Steve Levy on News12

In response to the murder of Ecuadorian immigrant Marcelo Lucero, County Executive Steve Levy will be giving a speech about racial tolerance tonight, Tuesday, Nov. 18th on News12 at 7pm. It is a shame that News12 makes its video available on-line only to subscribers, since they appear to have an exclusive on the communication of our elected official.

Here is the News12 info:

News 12 Long Island will air Levy’s speech about racial tolerance tonight live at 7 p.m. News 12 Long Island’s Lea Tyrell will host a special Long Island Talks with reaction to Levy’s address and the recent hate crimes immediately after the speech.

When you watch Steve Levy tonight, you will be watching someone who is under fire for his past words and actions that fed into a sentiment of intolerance for immigrants. Consider going to the Long Island Wins blog, where they have created an excellent “cheat sheet” of what to notice in Levy’s speech. The people at Long Island Wins, who want a positive, productive, tolerant dialogue about immigration and the Hispanic community, are concerned that Steve Levy will simply stick to his 5 inadequate talking points on responding to this problem. Long Island deserves better than that. When something this horrible happens, we need a sea change in how we address hate and racism in our midst.

The Long Island Wins article is titled, “Steve Levy to talk about ‘Tolerance’ tonight.” The link is at www.longislandwins.com: here.

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