National Health Program Roundtable 11/20/08

The Great South Bay Forum on Current Affairs presents
National Health Program Roundtable
Thursday, November 20, 7:30 p.m.

Speakers: Michael D’Innocenzo, History Professor, Hofstra University, prominent speaker, writer, and social activist
Pat Vecchione, Board Member and Editor of the Newsletter of the Long Island Coalition for a National Health Plan

Massapequa Bar Harbor Library, Lower Level Auditorium, 40 Harbor Lane Massapequa Park
For Information and Directions call 795-1085 or 799- 4088

Refreshments will be served

What National Health Program do we want the new Administration to provide?

The election of a new President and Congress provides a great opportunity to deliver a new health program that will serve the needs of all Americans. Soaring costs of health services, growing numbers of uninsured, and a steady depletion of benefits offered in workplace health plans, all serve to injure our sense of security and deprive us of quality medical care.
The largest number of middle class bankruptcies have occurred from lack of funds to pay for medical care. Despite the fact that each American pays on average about twice what a European or Canadian citizen pays in his national health program, the U.S. still has at the least longevity and higher infant mortality.
We will examine the public/private health care system proposed by the winning Presidential candidate and contrast it with the Canadian and European Health Care systems. With your input, we will try to decide what is the best health care system and how working together we can get it!

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