Election round-up: Party switches in Congress

Ballot Access News has a great article listing all the states (with districts) that had switches from one major party to the other major party based on the last election, Nov. 4th, 2008. (Noting some races are still in recount.)

The overall summary is: 24 seats switched from Republican in Congress to Democrat in Congress. Only 4 switched from Democrat to Republican. (And, there are about three that are iffy with recounts going on.)

Also, interesting, is that Ballot Access News calls the upcoming 2nd District Congressional Race in Louisiana “safe” for the Democrat. Though, the Democrat is currently under corruption scrutiny. And, the Green Party has a super strong candidate in the race – Malik Rahim. Also interesting that someone pointed that fact out in the comments! People are starting to notice Malik. Election day in New Orleans, LA is December 6th!

The article is: here.

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