Special notice to you (Yes, you! especially if you were caught doing the following…)

Malik Rahim is running for Congress, with a focus on environmental peace and justice. What does this have to do with you, you say? Well, first of all, the unique election date of December 6th, gives all of us who believe in progressive values and alternative parties a genuine chance to get someone into Congress.  So, you should really get motivated and help out in this winnable race with a wonderful candidate. But, in addition…

The following parties are absolutely required to send a check to the Malik Rahim for Congress Campaign (we here onthewilderside demand it, sort of):

You just have to send money to Common Ground founder Malik Rahim for his 12/6/08 Congressional election if you:

Told people over and over again that Greens should run local races, and not just President. Malik is running for Congress from his home district in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Said you had a brilliant strategy for getting a Green into Congress. Now is the time, this is the race. A unique election date of Dec. 6th, a four-way race, and an excellent candidate.

Said last time around that you would have helped us, but the Democrat wasn’t so bad. Malik is running against a Democrat who is charged with corruption, the guy who had $70,000 stuffed in the refrigerator.

Said you couldn’t help the greens because you were too busy making phonecalls for Obama. (He won already. And, Malik’s race is the only campaign for progressives in the whole country happening on Dec.6th, 2008.)

Supported Ralph Nader, or Brian Moore, or Gloria LaRiva or Roger Calero, or Cynthia McKinney for President. Of all those candidates, only the Green Party candidate – Cynthia McKinney – has a runner in this race. There is no other congressional campaign for you to work on. And, Cynthia McKinney has herself endorsed Malik Rahim for Congress.

Thought that Cindy Sheehan was your best chance to get someone like you into Congress. Cindy made 17% this time, showing there is hope for a passionate candidate for the people. Yet, Cindy won’t be running for Congress again for 2 years, and, you can help Malik now. And, his campaign is as progressive and vibrant as Cindy’s. Getting Malik into Congress would put someone on Capitol Hill who stands for environmental peace and justice.

Are telling people to join the November 5th coalition to lobby Congress. November 5th is all well and good, but we have December 6th. It would be good, as the November 5th youtube suggests, for progressives all around the country to write letters and lobby Congresspeople. But, what better vantage place to get a Congressperson’s attention than from the seat next to them? Work on the November 5th strategy, fine. But, on December 6th, those of us who believe in environmental peace and justice can put a person inside the Congress.

How can you donate, you ask?

The easiest way is to go to the official web-site: www.votemalik.com. Though, here is the information, just in case you need it handy:

Send your donation today. Individuals may contribute up to $2300.  Use the attached donor form to make as generous a donation as you can. Then forward this email to your friends, co-workers and neighbors, and be sure to Vote Malik in the December 6 election.

Please donate online at www.VoteMalik.com or make your check or money order payable to “The Committee to Elect Malik Rahim” and send to:

The Committee to Elect Malik Rahim
331 Atlantic Ave
New Orleans, LA 70119

The Federal Election Commission requires the following:

* Donors must provide their name, mailing address, occupation and name
of employer.
* Contributions must be from U.S. citizens or legal residents.
* Contributions to the Committee to Elect Malik Rahim are not tax
By submitting this donation, I declare that I am a US citizen or
permanent resident; this contribution is made from my own funds; this
is not a corporation, labor organization or federal contractor.

Federal Election law requires that we ask you for all of this

FIRST NAME*___________________________________________________________

LAST NAME*___________________________________________________________



STATE*______________________________    ZIP






AMOUNT   $___________________

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

A note: Political Contributions are not tax-deductible.

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