Photos and notes: Memorial for Jorge Renderos

I will add to this post at a later time. Wanted to capture some of the moment and warm feelings tonight. Jorge Renderos was a Salvadoran musician, an advocate, and an activist. He often played a PeaceSmiths Coffeehouse. I learned tonight that he often made trips to Central America to bring needed supplies, to help with positive revolution, and to sing songs at the opening of conferences and events.

Jorge’s wife Carol was there, and Jorge’s family and friends. The reception included trays and trays of delicious, home-style food, including baked clams. There was excellent music and also charming stories of love and adventure. We learned that Jorge went by many names, among them: Jorge, Roberto and Tito. Carol’s granddaughter was very close to Jorge, and she stood by while her dad spoke of their fond relationship, and later the little girl sang a song on stage.

Carol Renderos and photo of Jorge Renderos

Carol Renderos and photo of Jorge Renderos

Clapping to the music

Memorial Service for Jorge Renderos: Clapping to the music

Musician plays while Carol and her granddaughter look on

For Jorge Renderos: Musician plays while Carol and her granddaughter look on

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  1. i looooove this web site in memory of my tio jorge this is a wonderful way to remember him i will always have him in my heart i remember he all ways use to say to me his little doll in spanish i will alllways remember him in my heart RIP tio jorge. jacqueline renderos

    que descance en pas jorge renderos .rosa renderos

    era un gran abogado .isrean renderos

  2. Thank you. Jorge was a very special and talented man.

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