2007 hate crime in Patchogue, that police failed to report

(excerpt from) Long Island WINS:
2007 victim of anti-Latino attack sheds light on Levy hate crime stats

By Patrick Young CARECEN November 27, 2008 9:53 AM

Last year there was one anti-Latino bias crime in Suffolk County, according to Steve Levy, and it wasn’t the attack on Luis Pina Tigre.


In September 2007 Tigre was riding his bike to his Patchogue home at around 10PM. Five young men knocked him off his bike and started beating him. Four neighbors, Jane Kurshals, Eddie Colon, Mercy Ulloa and her husband, say they saw the young men beating Tigre.

The rest of the story is worth reading. Patchogue law enforcement received a report and came to the scene, though filed no report. Story at LI WINS is: here.

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