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News & Events From Long Island WINS 12/9/08

Dear Supporters,

There are many of you who are new to Long Island Wins and we wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves. We are a public information and education campaign driven by the belief that immigration creates incredible opportunities for economic, cultural and social growth. As immigrants to this country renew the American dream, they improve the quality of life for us all. We carry out education and outreach to highlight the contributions of immigrant, enhance understanding of the immigrant community on Long Island and build support for immigration initiatives that benefit all residents of Long Island.

For the past few weeks we have been proud to inform you of the latest developments of the hate crime in Suffolk County. Here are some of the past week’s highlights:


Friday, December 12th, please join Long Island WINS, the Patchogue community, and religious and community organizations for “An Evening For Marcelo’s Mom” in Patchogue. There will be multiple events in town throughout the evening, starting with a solemn candlelight procession and vigil, beginning at the murder scene. Click here for more information.
Get Involved:
Our work is not yet over because now is the time for regrouping and pushing forward with a plan  for policy changes in Suffolk County. As a compliment to our ad in last week’s Newsday, Wins is re-circulating the letter we drafted for local elected officials. This letter is copied below, please sign it and send it to your elected officials at the county level or write one of your own. Let them know that we not only mourn this hate crime in Suffolk County but we need to change our policies NOW so that this NEVER happens again.
The Wins team travels across the island to cover local events and speak at educational forums. Please contact us at longislandwins@gmail.com if you would like help planning, publicizing or facilitating a meeting about where we, as a community concerned for the future of long island, can go from here.
We hope to see you on Friday night!
The Long Island WINS Team

Dear County Executive Steve Levy and Suffolk County Legislators,

I am a concerned _________________ (citizen, mother, student, teacher, clergy member etc) and a _________________ (Long Islander or New Yorker). On November 8th, seven teenagers from Patchogue and Medford murdered Marcelo Lucero. The assailants were specifically looking to inflict violence that night on “some Mexicans.” Marcelo and his friend became their targets simply because of the color of their skin.

This is not the first time Long Island immigrants have been the victims of a hate crime. When will immigrants be able to walk the streets of Suffolk County without fear of attack?

In contrast to County Executive Steve Levy’s recent statements, I believe that hate does not occur in a vacuum or spontaneously, it is learned from others. Hate of this sort is fed by discriminatory policies, attitudes of our local leaders, and general intolerance of difference. There is an undeniable link between the way politicians advocate for the treatment of immigrants and the way they are in turn treated in their communities. Regardless of the color of one’s skin or the country of one’s birth, all people deserve equal treatment.

Long Islanders have continued to express their outrage on what feels like deaf ears. You, as an elected official, are both empowered and obligated to actively work against the spread of hatred towards immigrants. Education is necessary to increase tolerance but education alone is not enough. We as politicians, parents, teachers, business owners and Long Islanders, must set the example. We must lead by our example.

I call on you to

  1. Stop using harsh and irresponsible rhetoric demonizing immigrants on Long Island;
  2. Stop introducing legislation that results in profiling immigrants; and
  3. Create a 5 year plan to improve how we integrate immigrants coming into Suffolk County.

Please contact County Executive Steve Levy and your fellow elected officials to let them know that significant change is needed in Suffolk County.  Without drastic changes to the political ideology of Suffolk County we leave ourselves vulnerable to another hate crime in the future. The responsibility falls on all of us to take action now.


Full Name (Printed)                                                                                     Email Address

Street Address City and Zip Code

Signature                                                                                                      Phone Number

One Response

  1. I think that the authorities have been complacent and indifferent. I agree with what this page says.

    It is a mark of Nobility to care for the weak.

    Thanks for posting these important news. I am appalled by the Sadism, Brutality and lack of humanity and empathy for the victims.

    Two Latinos have been brutally killed in New York City in less than a month :

    Jose Sucuzhanay and Marcelo Lucero in Long Island, New York City.

    Add these to the brutal beating and kicking that took the life of Luis Ramirez in Shenandoah Pennsylvania last July.

    These Brutal Murders are repugnant. The special Cruelty, Sadism and Inhumanity. The victims were all hard working, peaceful, honest and nice people.

    I have a blog to denounce Racial Murders and Racial Hatred. And to profile the good things of the Victims and their Poor families :


    Vicente Duque

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