I Can’t Give You Anything But Love, Baby sung by Micky Jimenez


Micky Jimenez sung 3 songs at the Easy Anthems http://www.easyanthems.org special holiday show at the Conklin Barn. Micky was backed up by Paul Loren (Keyboards), Brian Ver Straten- (Drums), and her grandson Philip A. Jimenez (Banjo Ukulele). If you weren’t there, you missed some of the best music Ive ever heard on LI, anytime. Not only Easy Anthems, but a few songs from Brendan B. Brown, Micky Jimenez, Mark Yodice, Paul Loren, and Brian Sendrowitz. Phil is working on video of the Easy Anthems; sets, and I’ll have some video of the other performers up soon.

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