Long Island Wins :: Marcelo Lucero’s Murder – A Reflection One Month Later

Long Island Wins :: Marcelo Lucero’s Murder – A Reflection One Month Later

My stomach sank. I threw-up, my worst fear being realized. An innocent man was murdered by a group of teens because of the color of his skin….in a community I love and have lived in….in an area I have walked dozens of times late at night and never felt unsafe. And then I felt sick again as I realized that my safety was ensured mostly because my skin color matched most of the young men who committed this despicable crime.


My thoughts – True. I don’t know Jack Eddington. I do know the pieces of legislation he supported and introduced. And I do know how many times I stood at the podium at the Suffolk Legislature and warned that major violence against Latinos was on the horizon. I know I’ve never heard from Legislator Jack Eddington. (even after having the clerk at the Legislature hand every Legislator one of my business cards with my cell). I know that he has an office just down the block where this murder happened and claims that no one could see this coming, while we’ve spoken to dozens of Latinos who said that violence against them was widely known. All this leads me to believe that Legislator Eddington was either ignorant or intentionally avoiding what was happening just feet from his office and affecting a growing part of his constituency….either way, it makes me question how competent of an elected official he is. (Sorry Legislator Eddington, if you disagree you are more than welcome to share your perspective here….you have my card)

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