Pat shares his thoughts on three murders: Luis Ramirez, Marcelo Lucero and Jose Sucuzchanay

LI WINS blog: Thoughts on three killings

Three murdered Latino men. Their deaths afflict me.

Luis Ramirez was killed by a group of teens near Hazleton, Pa. over the summer. They killed him because he was walking with a White girl, his fiancee’s sister.

There was little support for his girlfriend or his kids after he got killed. In fact, the biggest rally in response to his death was organized by an anti-immigrant group with the message “If he was deported, he’d be alive today.”

Next was Marcelo Lucero, killed about five miles from my office. A group of kids who engaged in recreational “beaner” bashing had a night’s fun with a man trying to support himself and his family. The choice for the high school students-“Should we go to the movies, or should we brutalize a spic?”.

Massive public reaction against the killing, more muted reaction against the parents and pols who stoked the furnace that heated the souls of the seventeen year old killers.

Finally, we have Jose Sucuzhanay. Walking with his brother. Imputed homosexual. Two targets on his brown face.

A beat-down in one of the most liberal cities in the country.

A murder foul and cold. No mercy. Just blood, splattered brains, and death.

I’ll find sleep tonight, but I hope I am immune to dreams.

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