No more excuses: Democrats in charge

from Ballot Access News
New York Democrats Take Control of State Senate
January 8th, 2009

On January 7, the New York Senate elected new officers, and for the first time since 1965, Democrats are in charge. Although the November 2008 election had resulted in 32 Democrats and 30 Republicans being elected, there had been no certainty that Republicans would lose control, because 3 New York City Democrats had threatened to vote with Republicans, for the purpose of organizing the Senate.

KW: So, for all those activists and progressives who think that the Democrats are the party of the people, and, that if the Democrats just had a majority, everything would be okay…The Democratic Party now holds: The Governorship of NY; a majority of the NY State Assembly; the majority of the NY State Senate; the majority of Congress; and the Presidency. So, everything should be all hunky-dorie, pro-labor, pro-working class, pro-diversity, pro-choice, anti-war? Right?

When, do they recall the national guard from Iraq and Afghanistan?

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