VP Biden sworn in/Aretha Franklin sings…

So, technically, Joe Biden is the VP of George Bush, Sr.? Just for this moment?


Aretha Franklin was wonderful. I think by her repeating and intoning, she wanted to give the blessing and emphasize “Protect” and “Let freedom ring.” She wore a beautiful an unique hat, exactly what should have been worn by the Queen of Soul, it was sparkly and a bow, but in gray flannel for the season and solemnity of the occasion. [Later in the Democracy Now! coverage, Alice Walker notes that by including Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, in the ceremonies, President Obama has acknowledged and connected with the Divine Mother.]

Joe Biden was sworn in by Justice John Paul Stevens. He is now Vice President Joseph Biden.

Now the music by the classical players…very subtle…”Tis the Gift to Be Simple”…peformed by Anthony McGill on clarinet, Yo-Yo Ma on cello, and Itzhak Perlman. They are doing a very modern and interesting variation, with sections of some chaos, and the melody only coming through occasionally. I wonder if they were mostly disappointed or mostly challenged by being asked to perform something so classic? But, the meaning of the song is wonderful for the day. It is as if the melody of the song does not matter, they are communicating things despite it, beyond it, with it…

Now…Presidential oath to be given…there are the girls…

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