Pennsylvania green candidate still seeking justice with court

There are a few reasons why this case is so important to me and the world. The background is that Carl Romanelli filed to run for office in Pennsylvania in 2006.  His petitions were challenged. Now, it comes out that the people challenging his petitions, and going to meetings to keep him off the ballot, were public employees on the clock. They are in legal trouble for what they did. But, remarkably, the court is still demanding that Carl Romanelli pay court costs – like a fine – for what happened.

So, someone who is a victim of a crime is having to pay for his own court costs. Amazing. And, among the bad decisions made in PA court was that Carl Romanelli’s lawyer was also being fined/punished. Which is truly mind-boggling. (I love Carl’s line that if Carl was charged with murder, would they execute his attorney?) Also,  I have met Carl Romanelli and worked with him on green stuff. Carl is very cool and authentic. I truly hope he wins.

(excerpt from) Ballot Access News
Pennsylvania Greens Again Ask for Relief from 2006 Petition Costs
January 21st, 2009

On January 15, 2009, the Pennsylvania Green Party’s US Senate candidate from 2006, Carl Romanelli, again asked the Commonwealth Court for relief from having to pay over $80,000 to the people who challenged his petition….

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