Protect Public Transportation: Advocate for the West Hempstead LIRR Branch

Update: The public hearing on this matter was recently held. Many members of the public and many organizations came out to demand keeping weekend service, and to point out that what is truly needed is EXPANDED service on this line. The hearing results make take months to come out. For now, please consider helping by:

-Getting in touch with the West Hempstead Civic Association
-Writing to the MTA saying you want weekend service and more service
-Writing to Governor Paterson, your State Senator, and State Assemblyperson

The MTA is considering closing all weekend service for the W. Hempstead LIRR branch. Many people along the branch do not have cars, and rely on train service for all their travel. I understand the economy is slowing down. Though, are we going to force some people to work all week, and then stay home all weekend?

Please make sure that the MTA keeps its commitment to serving the transportation needs of all communities. The communities most directly affected by this decision would be: West Hempstead, Malverne, Lakeview and Westwood.

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