Update on “Insanity Island”, Long Island LNG project

Long Island environmentalists are concerned that the company Atlantic Sea Island Group has proposed a massive man-made industrial island for a  Liquid Natural Gas facility (LNG) off the New York and New Jersey coasts. A public hearing was held in Long Beach on Thursday, January 27, 2009. A report back from Nassau green Jim Brown is below.

Jim Brown of Nassau writes:

The meeting went well, hundreds of people came to it from all over LI and NJ. Someone even came from Montauk.

Two [Nassau County] legislators, Denenberg and Toback, spoke against the project, as did many representatives of environmental organizations (Sierra Club, Audubon Society, Surfriders, etc.) and concerned citizens. Other representatives were present, e.g. members of the Long Beach City Council, Denise Ford, and Harvey Weisenberg–who spoke, but he still seems to be sitting on the fence.

The public speaking portion of the meeting went from about 6PM to about 9:30 PM. An interesting case was made by several people that any EIS relating to this project include an analysis of human rights violations in countries that provide the LNG for export to the ASIG island. The case of Nigeria was mentioned in this respect, where people protesting Shell’s environmental degradation of their country have actually been killed.

Many issues related to the lack of need for LNG and the possible environmental problems were raised. LNG is a fossil fuel and its use is on a par with coal–creating global warming and sea level rise.

More info at our previous wilderside post: here.

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