NY Police under fire for unfair (possibly targetted) arrests in gay community

This is from the web-site of constitutional law scholar Jonathan Turley:

NYPD Under Fire For Prostitution Arrests in Gay Community
Published 1, February 4, 2009 Constitutional Law , Criminal law , Politics , Society

The gay community in Manhattan are denouncing a new campaign by the New York Police Department targeting the gay community and adult video stores. Men like Robert Pinter, 53, say that they were enticed by offers of consensual sex in the store (perfectly legal) and were then told on the way to their car that the man wanted to give them some money afterward — followed immediately with an arrest. City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has denounced the arrests as abusive…

The NYPD has arrested 27 men for prostitution — that is twice the average number. Notably, these arrests were then used as a basis for seeking to close the stores, which have been the subject of complaints by local citizens…

It is difficult to believe that New York has run out of serious crimes to investigate. There is obviously much room for a city council investigation into the motives and means for an operation of this size.

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