Obama “Roves” Into Bush Territory

(excerpt from) Common Man News
Obama Seeks Delay in Deciding on Rove Subpoena
By Marisa Taylor and Margaret Talev / Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Obama administration is asking for two more weeks to weigh in on whether former Bush White House officials must testify before Congress about the firings of nine U.S. attorneys.

The request comes after an attorney for former Bush political adviser Karl Rove asked the White House to referee his clash with the House of Representatives over Bush’s claim of executive privilege in the matter.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers , D- Mich. , has issued a subpoena requiring Rove to appear next Monday to testify about the firings and other allegations that the Bush White House let politics interfere with the operations of the Justice Department .

Michael Hertz , the acting assistant attorney general, said in a court brief released Monday that negotiations were ongoing.

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