Ballot Access News: Bad legislation moving forward in California

Richard Winger at Ballot Access News is very smart, and educated in election law and ballot access issues. I, personally, cannot understand all the implications of a new bill for California. Though, it seems like very bad news for independent, and possibly third party candidates, on a variety of levels. It would be worth taking the link to Ballot Access News to read the whole story. -KW

(excerpt from) New Details On California Proposal
February 19th, 2009

…The two proposals, together, provide for a Washington state-style election system. All congressional elections, and all elections for state office except for Superintendent of Public Instruction and judicial offices, would be designated “voter-nominated” offices. All candidates would qualify for the June primary ballot. Then, the top two vote-getters would compete in November. All voters would get the same ballot for these offices.

The ballot would say, “My party preference is (whatever) party.” However, candidates could only choose the name of a party that is currently qualified for the ballot. It seems plausible that a party like the Socialist Workers Party would have a strong lawsuit to force the state to let its members, who are running for office, specify that they prefer the Socialist Workers Party…

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