Give Your Home an Energy Audit

Give Your Home an Energy Audit — canvas

Small steps towards energy efficiency can add up to big savings

Donna and Steve’s house was leaking money (and energy) out the window—literally. Their house, built in the 1930s, was so full of cracks that Donna could feel a breeze while standing in her son’s bedroom. They bought their house 10 years ago thinking that by adding solar panels, they would make their home energy efficient. But when they started seeing heating bills of several hundred dollars per month, they knew it would take more.

They decided to get an energy audit (a.k.a. assessment), by a certified professional auditor. “The first thing the guy asked us was about our comfort and energy bills. He looked around and, using an infrared device, saw that not only were there un-insulated areas in our walls, but our attic insulation had compressed over time and lost its heat-trapping value,” Donna said. Workers had removed attic insulation above high-hat lighting installed in the den below, which also created an avenue for heat loss. The family learned quickly that sealing up leaks and adding insulation could save them hundreds of dollars a year on heating and cooling—and make their home less drafty to boot.

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