Want a hot time in Nassau tonight? Hot topic at Hosfstra – Free Speech

Morgan Spurlock speaking about corporations and the curtailing of Free Speech.
Spurlock is known as the genius behind “Supersize Me”

Sponsored by the Nassau County Civil Liberties Union

Tonight: Tuesday, Feb. 24th at 7:30pm
Hofstra University
Dempster Hall
Studio A

More info from the Hofstra website:

Come get SUPERSIZED by film director Morgan Spurlock
Tuesday, Feb. 24
7:30 p.m. Dempster Studio A

Watch clips and listen to the man who shook the fast food industry to its core with a hard-hitting documentary Supersize Me on the ill-effects of McDonald’s food.  Spurlock also directed Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden and 30 Days.  The Nassau County chapter of the New York Civil Liberties Union co-sponsors this event which also features Mass Comm professor Susan Drucker, an expert in media and the law.  Is free speech dying at the hands of private enterprise and government intervention?  Come hear from the experts to find out.  Light refreshments will be served.

(Hope they won’t be serving greasy french fries!)


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