First worksite raids of the Obama Administration

Call to Action: Communities must fight back against FIRST WORKSITE raids of the Obama Administration
February 26, 2009

As you may know, the Obama administration executed the first worksite raid of his administration this week outside Seattle in Bellingham, Washington. Below, please find a DRAFT action alert that FIRM has circulated this morning.  Please distribute widely to anyone interested in: worker rights, civil rights, human rights, immigration support, etc.

Our colleagues at Long Island Wins put this out as an urgent request for help.

For more information on the raid:

If you visit these stories, please leave pro-migrant comments- there is some ugly stuff being written on these boards.

Call to Action:
Communities must fight back againstFIRST WORKSITE raids of the Obama Administration in Washington state
Tell the Obama Administration: Stop the Raids, Pass Just and Humane Immigration Reform

* Raids hurt our businesses, our communities, all workers and immigrants. Raids victimize the very people that helped to bring change to the White House and elect President Barack Obama.

* Yesterday, 28 workers, including 3 mothers, were chained and arrested in a factory in Bellingham, WA as part of ICE enforcement operations.

* In this time of economic hardship it is completely unacceptable for the Obama administration to be executing raids on our workers, businesses and communities- it is time for him to hear from us.

CALL the WHITE HOUSE NOW- 202-456-1414 to speak to the President
Tell President Barack Obama:

* The raid in Washington state is unacceptable, and hurts all of our communities.
* He must stop the raids, andwe pass comprehensive immigration reform – NOW!.
FAX a letter to: 202-456-2461

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