Pat Falk reading 3/5/09

Pat Falk will be reading from her new book Crazy Jane at Nassau Community College this Thursday, March 5, 2009, at 1:00.

It’s in the College Center Building (CCB) Room 252, 1 Education Drive , Garden City , New York 11530 , or call 516-572-7185. will take to you the campus map.

Reception, refreshments, signing to follow.

My February 2008 review: Pat Falk’s long-awaited book of poetry, Crazy Jane, is out. I have just started reading it, and the poem take you on a simultaneous journey through the personal and the political. They are arranged with the care of a fine art exhibit so they both move you from one to the next while reflecting on each other.  Another book by Pat Falk:

It Happens as We Speak — A Feminist Poetics by Pat Falk The personal, the poetic, the political, the historic, the mythic-they braid together in this saga of the growth of a woman’s mind. Pat Falk’s story is unique, and at the same time she is Everywoman. It Happens As We Speak is a book of birth, and life, and change, and wisdom. –Alicia Ostriker

Pat Falk’s rare pastiche of memory and lively literary analysis gathers a momentum so persuasive that we catapult from page to page with the shifts and turns of her life as they affect her twin lives of scholar and poet. A riveting mix of candor and musing. –Molly Peacock

Falk uses a mixture of previously separated writing forms to cross what she sees as an arbitrary line between the personal and the professional in writing. Each category informs the other in a way that carries forward the thoughts of the writer. She attempts to move beyond this simple dichotomy in both her thoughts and the form of this book. Read the rest of my review of Pat Falk’s “Feminist Poetics”

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