Mayor Bloomberg, again? Bill on term limits in NYC advances

from Ballot Access News
New York Bill to Require New York City Popular Vote on Term Limits Advances
February 25th, 2009

On February 25, the New York State Assembly Election Law Assembly passed A1224. If it is signed into law, it would require New York city voters to vote in May 2009 on whether they approve of abolishing term limits for the city’s Mayor, city councilmembers, and the other two citywide executive elected posts. The chief sponsor is Assemblymember Hakeem Jeffries (D-Brooklyn). The Senate has an identical bill, S1536, whose chief sponsor is Senator Kevin Parker (D-Brooklyn).

Thoughts from KW: This bill is largely a way to allow Mayor Bloomberg to have a third term as Mayor of New York City. It is a way to chip away at rules that the citizens of NYC already passed, saying that they wanted term limits. It is also a way of changing the rules in the middle of the game.

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  1. Actually the legislation you’re posting about, it looks like, would actually put the vote about term limits back in the hands of the people where it belongs! And NYC residents have already voted twice against it and I don’t think the results would change his time, either. I hope this legislation passes!

    • NYC residents have already voted twice against it…that’s the problem!

      If the people vote to have term limits, to limit the power of individual politicians, how many times can those politicians put up new proposals to thwart that decision?

      If every time you have a politician term-limited out, the politician first tries to overturn/undo/vote out term limits, that politician is getting another bite at the apple to see if he can stay passed the actual rules.

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