Live streaming of Capitol anti-coal demo (plus global warming)

You can find live streaming of the demonstration against the coal-fired plant in D.C.  here.
(Tangentially related to the Power Shift 2009 conference, but sponsored by the group Capitol Climate Action)

Dr. Vandana Shiva just spoke to the crowd!

“This is reminding me of Seattle, a little smaller, but it has more energy.” She says that we won’t let the governments of the world hide behind each other, and tell us that someone, somewhere wants Clean Coal. We know better. Vandana Shiva also tied the issue of global warming into the food issue. And, she spoke against GMO food (genetically modified organisms.)

A man on the bullhorn says they had 3 main goals:

1. Create a sense of urgency
2. Push Congress administration to bolder more bonding policies
3. To build movement

Now – A chant in honor of Vandana Shiva!

It’s 4pm, and the speakers at the stage are starting to direct people who DO NOT want to be arrested to go to the edges of the crowd. As per a speech by Robert Kennedy previously, his children will face arrest at the civil disobedience.

Many Native American people are speaking at this event. A Navajo woman spoke about the need to protect the human rights on indigenous people.

A lot of people are calling out the bad guy “Peabody Coal”, who were made infamous in the John Prine song.

4:04pm: Now speaking: Larry Gibson.


KW: I am surprised by the ignorance of mainstream news outlets. Some media is saying that it is ironic that there is a “global warming” rally in the snow. Though, in reality, global warming affects the weather by creating extremes of hot AND cold, and other types of weather extremes. Now, snow in D.C. in March is probably not a shocking weather extreme. Though, recent snowfall in New Orleans and Baghdad WERE weather extremes. Below is my video trying to show people that global warming is about more than a warm winter. (It also warns about nuclear energy.)


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