NY Governor hits historic low rating (Good news for third parties!)

KW: Unfortunately, and somewhat oppressively, in New York, the only way that a group can become an official “third party”  is to receive 50,000 votes for Governor. That’s it. One chance, every four years. And, the goal is difficult to achieve.

So, it is disappointing that present New York Governor David Paterson has approval ratings at an historic low. Though, the low approval rating may be good news for independent bodies, activists, and other third party wannabes, who may be able to get a shot at their 50,000 votes by running their own New York Governor candidate in 2010.

To be blunt, the way it stood, with Governor Paterson’s honeymoon, it was looking awfully difficult for any left or progressive group to succeed in opposing an African-American, differently-abled (he’s legally blind), Democratic Governor. Though, perhaps reality is setting in, as Governor Paterson has shown that neither he, nor the Democratic Party which gained control of all branches of government and then changed nothing, are truly the answer for the grassroots.

Which groups/independent bodies/”parties” will try for Governor in New York in 2010? For the 2006 Governor’s race, the following groups (not officially parties) had a candidate on the ballot: Green Party; Libertarian Party; Rent is Too [Damn] High Party; Socialist Workers Party. For the 2008 Presidential race, all of those except the “RTH” Party had a candidate on the ballot, and in addition these parties also had someone on the ballot: Populist Party; and Party for Socialism and Liberation.

(excerpt from) The Poughkeepsie Journal
Paterson approval rating plummets 20 points
March 3, 2009

Gov. David Paterson’s job approval rating has plummeted to 26 percent, according to a new poll by the Marist College

In the poll, 26 percent of registered voters report the governor is doing either an excellent or good job in office. That’s a drop of 20 percentage points since the Marist Poll last asked this question at the end of January.

Paterson’s approval rating is the lowest a New York State governor has received in the Marist Poll’s nearly 30-year history of statewide surveys…

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