In celebration of the FMLN win in El Salvador!

Music by Jorge Renderos. Jorge was a musician from El Salvador, who passed away a little too soon to witness the victory he helped to nurture. The video is of a song Jorge sung in Spanish to honor the life of a fellow peace and justice activist in his second home of Long Island, New York.


Message from Carol:

I’ve been so excited, so thrilled about the election, and at the same time so sad that Jorge was not here to see it.  He worked for this for over 25 years, very actively while he was in El Salvador.  When he came here, he was part of the Sanctuary Movement, given sanctuary in a church in Philadelphia, and he participated in several informational caravans throughout the northeast in those years, all to bring awareness and raise conscience among Americans about what was happening in El Sal, and knowing always that a change in government would be the only way that the govt would truly represent the people.  He used his poetry and his music to get his message across, but his heart was FMLN pure.  We were even able to celebrate with the UN delegation in NY when they came to sign the peace accords.

My heart’s been bursting with this wonderful incredible event, and I want to scream it out.

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