LI Commuters: Government refund on LIRR fair available

Info on the refund program is: here.

KW: As a quasi-Libertarian, the way that the MTA – a governmental entity – charges people too much money, and another layer of government is paying people back the money, I find it all to be a wasteful government scam. Still, if you are stuck paying the high prices in the first place, you will probably want this information. (And, then, when do we reform the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and make it genuinely serve the people?)

In this article, I removed the names of politicians who are trying to puff themselves up by bragging about giving taxpayers their own money back.

(excerpt from) Newsday
New tax benefit could pay for LIRR commute
By Alfonso A. Castillo / March 17, 2009

Two out of three Long Island Rail Road commuters are not taking advantage of a recently increased federal tax benefit that would allow them to save up to $1,000 a year in their commuting costs…

The recently passed federal economic stimulus plan nearly doubled the federal tax benefit for mass transit costs from $120 to $230 a month.

That means that most LIRR commuters whose employers offer the benefit through plans like TransitChek are now able to pay for most, if not all, of their monthly commuting costs with pretax dollars…

“The most important issue is that employees have to ask their employers…”

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