2000, 2004, The Green Party, Nader, and the DNC

KW: Finally, someone in the mainstream media kind of acknowledges the strife of the Green Party. (A little too late for me!) Thought these comments were interesting. Also, wondering if they are some support or acknowledgment of Nader’s lawsuit against the DNC, which is currently in process at the US Court of Appeals.

(excerpt from) US News and World Report
Historic Whispers: A Tough Election for George Bush and the Anniversary of the Iraq War
Posted March 20, 2009

*Going for the Green. Fuming that Ralph Nader has jumped into the race, Democratic National Committee boss Terry McAuliffe is chasing down supporters of the 2000 Green Party nominee. McAuliffe says turning Greens into Dems is the goal of his college visits and a key purpose of the DNC’s new computer system. (March 8, 2004)

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