MTA passes massive fare hikes: price of LIRR raised

(excerpt from) Newsday
MTA passes massive fare hikes

By Alfonso A. Castillo / March 25, 2009

“…the MTA board…voted Wednesday morning to approve massive fare hikes in public transit.

In a series of identical 12-1 votes, the Metropolitan Transportation Association’s board raised subway, bus and train fares, increased bridge and tunnel tolls, and enacted plans for severe service cuts.

The fare hikes will cost some Long Island Rail Road commuters an extra $90 a month…

The fare hikes are expected to take effect in June.

Service cuts would be put in place beginning in May. They include eliminating service on the LIRR’s West Hempstead branch on weekends and canceling and reducing some other trains. The LIRR would also extend maintenance cycles on trains and scale back on clean up and graffiti removal efforts at stations.

Long Island Bus would eliminate several lines under the implemented budget.

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