The Change America Needs

This week, the Obama Administration rolled out a plan to throw another trillion dollars at banks.  That’s $1,000,000,000,000, going to companies largely responsible for the current recession.

Government should be holding the financial sector accountable for the damage that’s been done to the economy, for the millions of lost jobs in recent months.  Government should be directly helping people at risk, many of whom made no substantial mistakes but have lost their jobs or their savings anyway.  But government is prioritizing Wall Street over Main Street.

This isn’t the change that so many Americans clamored for a few short months ago.  This new wrinkle to trickle-down economics isn’t going to inspire hope.

The real change is the change offered by the Green Party. The real hope is in the Green Party’s genuine vision for a sustainable future.

The Green Party is still the largest political party in the United States which is dedicated to establishing Single Payer Universal Health Coverage.  As more people lose their jobs, the necessity for access to health care becomes increasingly dire, but the Obama Administration keeps signaling new handouts to insurance companies as their preferred option.  Green momentum is critical to push Washington toward the solution that people actually want.

The Green Party is still demanding that we get out of Iraq and Afghanistan, slash the Pentagon’s budget, and use that money to help the American people.  But the Obama Administration hedges on Iraq, and sends more combat troops to Afghanistan, while expanding the war across the Pakistani border.  This is costing more American lives and billions of American dollars.  Green momentum is essential to confront Obama with the reality that he’s not doing what the people want.

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