Finally, a gathering of my new party…

KW: Since I left the Green Party, Ian keeps teasing me about being a “blank.” So, when I tell him that I am not going to his Babylon Green Party Gathering, he asks if I am going to go hang out with some blanks. Well…on July 4th, there will actually be a “Blank Party Gathering”, as it were, in D.C., for blanks and all kinds of unaffiliated voters. And, they are encouraging everyone to switch to independent.

I am not sure if I necessarily recommend going from “third party” to blank. I think if there is a party that you believe in and are in the flow with, it might make sense to be part of a bigger organization–sometimes. But, as far as the major parties goes, being independent is much better than being party of our country’s corporate, war-mongering duopoly. So, make sure you share the announcement below with your Republican and Democratic friends.

The initiator of the project is “ReTeaParty“, a project of The Political Exploration and Awareness Committee PAC (“PEAC”), a non-partisan group. PEAC’s web site states that they are “a political action committee that campaigns on behalf of issues, candidates, and potential candidates that promote honesty and Constitutional leadership.”

from the ReTea website: Coordinates With Free and Equal announces that will be joining us in our fight to coordinate a nationwide protest on July 4, 2009. is a nonpartisan organization that has been instrumental in obtaining ballot access, providing legal assistance, and promoting awareness of candidates of all parties as well as independents. On the anniversary of our independence, together, we will be asking Americans across the country to stand up and re-declare their independence from political favoritism and partisan politics.

Many of us have chosen to register as Democrats. Many as Republican. Others as one of the third parties or not at all. On July 4th, 2009, we will be re-declaring our independence by registering as Independent, Non-Partisan, or Unaffiliated Americans.

Stay tuned as will soon unveil a new interactive website so that individuals like you can take charge of your local event coordination. Let’s stop looking to Washington DC and partisan political players to save our freedoms. More than anyone else in the world, Americans independently understand the principles of self-responsibility and respect for individual rights. On July 4th, 2009, let’s re-declare them.

Will you Join Us?

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