The New School crushes student occupation with riot police…

Video of harsh police tactics is here. (It’s difficult to watch.)

Students and faculty at The New School in New York City have asked for the ouster of New School President (and pro-war politician) Bob Kerrey. The latest student takeover was broken up today…vehemently. I put it under the category of: “First they ignore you, then they mock you, then they attack you [with riot police], then you win.” Fingers crossed that public awareness will be raised enough by this to get rid of Kerrey…

(excerpt from) The Gawker
New New School Occupation Crushed With Extreme Prejudice

By Hamilton Nolan, 1:11 PM on Fri Apr 10 2009, 1,584 views (Edit post, Set to draft, Slurp)

Recent student takeovers at the New School and NYU were allowed to drag on for days with negotiations and demands; but today’s New School takeover has already been crushed by cops!…

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  1. […] students still want Bob Kerrey OUT as President of the school.) More about the April 10th events: here. […]

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