NY State threatens Donald Trump over Jones Beach rent

To connect with local activists, trying to stop Trump’s overblown, unfair proposed project for Jones Beach,
go to: www.ourjonesbeach.wordpress.com

(excerpt from) Newsday
State threatens Donald Trump over Jones Beach rent

By Zachary R. Dowdy

…In the latest letter, Harold Hagemann Jr., director of the state Concessions Management Bureau, said Trump’s failure to pay the base rent on the land where the complex is to be built will result in a mountain of interest and collection fees…

Schlesinger said the two sides are at an impasse partly because they never agreed on the plan for a building design after the state blocked Trump’s original. Trump then sued – and won, but the state is appealing.

Trump maintains that the state’s pending appeal of the judge’s decision and a $500 million lawsuit Trump filed in response – saying the state’s intransigence caused costly construction delays – stops the clock on the rent payments.

But Eileen Larrabee, spokeswoman for the state Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, said that rent payments were begun before the impasse and should continue regardless of the negotiations…

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  2. Disgusting…Trump Dump!
    What an eyesore, piles of dirt… great view.

    Who’s to blame?
    Everyone who comes around after the deed is done with their “concerns”
    Its the reason.. nothing is done.

    Gutless politicians who let it happen and come around afterwards to save their necks. Its a sham. Check everyone’s press releases to cover their ass and justify their position, depending on the latest polls.

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