Floods in Australia. Insurer blames global warming for losses

In The Syndney Morning Herald, an article, “Thousands evacuate in Australia flood emergency” notes:

Authorities moved to evacuate thousands of people from a second Australian town Friday as floodwaters from days of torrential rain inundated large parts of the country’s east coast.

About 5,000 residents in Lismore, in northern New South Wales (NSW) state, were evacuated from their homes as floodwaters…

Authorities also urged 9,000 people to evacuate the nearby town of Grafton, with floodwaters up to 8 meters deep expected to hit the town late Friday. State authorities declared disaster zones in six areas, unlocking government help.

An insurance company has pointed out the link between the flooding and climate change…

The Syndney Morning Herald
Insurer blames climate change

Ben Cubby, Environment Reporter / May 22, 2009

AS FLOODS lash northern NSW, insurance companies say they are revising their estimates due to climate change…

“If you calculate the trends in weather-related natural catastrophes you find a distinct difference in recent years,” Dr Hoeppe told the Herald.

“It’s quite obvious that something has changed here and I think that is really the effects of global warming … We are seeing that serious weather events are becoming much more common, while the other kinds of catastrophes like the earthquakes and volcanoes are, of course, not changing.”

A wilderside media archival youtube tribute to climate change:


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