Princess Leia and R2-D2 poem, with music

KW: Ian and I are friends with David Kirschenbaum, a poet who also runs BOOG Press and BOOG City. David was the featured poet at the Geraldine Page Salon in May. He did an awesome set of poems based on Star Wars stamps. He was accompanied by Jess Schoen on guitar and Preston Spurlock on keyboard. This is the first video. More to follow in the next few weeks.

Princess Leia Organa and R2-D2 Stamp, by David Kirschenbaum. To the Tune of “He’s a Rebel”, ie: the Crystals (only in this case, “She’s a Rebel”). Music by Jesse Schoen on guitar and Preston Spurlock on keyboard. From the book, “The July Project 2007” published by Open 24 Hours–John Coletti and Greg Fuchs. This performance taped on May 7, 2009 at the Geraldine Page Salon, with host Lee Ann Brown.

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