NY State Senator Espada: Problems with campaign committees

From the beginning of the NY State Senate coup — where the Republicans played procedural games, and colluded with two under-suspicion Democratic Senators to steal the majorityship — I have asserted that it was sad and a weakness that the two Democrat-traitors were Monserrate and Espada. Well, the Democrats have gotten and accepted Monserrate back. Though, I truly hope that Espada gets indicted before he gets a leadership position.

People who understand politics will understand to look at the money. The Times Union has a story about Espada’s filings here and also an excellent blog post here with a chart showing Espada’s problematic committees.

Filing proper campaign reports is the most essential ingredient of accountability. And, if you do not file properly and on time, it allows for people to give you money in secret. It also confuses how money is speant. Senator Pedro Espada has at least 8 committees, and most have something funny about their status.

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