New NY State Lt. Governor: Richard Ravitch?

KW: I heard that part of the negotiations in the NY State Senate coup involved having a “Lieutenant Governor” appointed, so that the line of succession did not go immediately into the Senate chamber. Now, it appears that Governor Paterson has appointed a Lt. Governor. Though, I do not understand if the appointment is automatic, or a novel idea about how to fill the position, which must pass muster.

Anyway, Governor Paterson made his pick:

from The Times Union/Capitol Confidential blog
Daily News: Richard Ravitch is the pick
July 8, 2009 at 4:37 pm by Irene Jay Liu

The New York Daily News and NY1 are reporting that Gov. David Paterson’s pick for lieutenant governor is Richard Ravitch — the former MTA chairman credited with rescuing the transportation agency from fiscal crisis in the 1980’s.

Ravitch has recruited by Paterson with the same task again — he headed up a commission that produced the Ravitch proposal, which was largely embraced by the Assembly but picked apart by the Senate.

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