NY State Senate: Meeting again. But, I can’t watch.

Please, for updates and the latest, go to the blog at the Times Union: here. They also allow comments. You can submit anonymously and they simply approve (all of mine seem to have been approved.)

As for the NY State Senate: First the Democrats accepted “Monserrate” back into the fold – the one accused of slashing his girlfriends face. Now, the Democrats have accepted Pedro Espada back – the other Democrat-traitor, who is being investigated for campaign finance funny business. And, they let Espada have some title like Majority Leader or something.

It is all too sickening for me, really.

The Democratic leadership lost hold of the majority–which was given to them by voters in NY. And, they only won the majority back by dealing with the lowest of the traitors who played games with them. And, giving up power to the Republicans when it was unnecessary. It’s all really cowardly and creepy. And, I am tired of watching.

I hope my next posts will be to inform you of third party and independent candidates running for NY State Senate and NY State Assembly. If you want to run, I would love to hear about it. Anyone who is independent of the duopoly and pretty progressive would probably at least get a shout out here. And, I might be able to help a bit with planning, literature or their campaign, depending on my time and interest. – Kimberly Wilder

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