In Michigan: Court frees Green Party former candidate, rules on 1st Amendment

Oops! Ian and I have had such a strange summer, so we missed this story from July 17th, about a Green we had previously covered a lot. Found the story at Green Party Watch and Independent Political Report…

The Reverend Edward Pinkney, who had been a Green Party Congressional candidate for the 6th District in Michigan, had been ordered to jail based on criticizing a judge using biblical verses. An appeals court ruled that the Berrion County judge violated the 1st Amendment. An AP story noted that Pinkney had been under house arrest with an electronic tether since December.

Story from the Detroit Free Press at the jump…

(excerpt from) The Michigan Free Press
Michigan news briefs: Court rules judge violated 1st Amendment

BENTON HARBOR: Court rules judge violated 1st Amendment

The Michigan Court of Appeals sided with a Benton Harbor minister who said his free speech rights were violated after he was imprisoned for criticizing a judge using biblical verses.

In a unanimous decision released Tuesday, the court said the judge’s decision to imprison the Rev. Edward Pinkney impinged on his First Amendment rights.

“The Court of Appeals opinion reaffirms the basic American value that citizens cannot be imprisoned for criticizing government officials or expressing their religious beliefs,” said Michael Steinberg, Michigan legal director for the American Civil Liberties Union, which represented Pinkney in his free speech claims. “To our knowledge, this case marks the first time in modern history that a preacher has been thrown in prison for predicting what God might do.” [Emphasis added, because I find it interesting! -KW]…


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