Cards and letters for Julius Margolin

Excerpt from a letter to friends and fans from George of  “George and Julius”:


Many of you on this master e-mail list for George and Julius already know but many more do not…
Julius’s health has been an issue for him even as he continued to stay active in NYC labor and with me, singing and producing anti-Bush and pro-labor music over the past few years. This spring we road-tested him for a few concerts on the east coast and played the two veterans homes in upstate NY that we’ve been singing at since 2002. He enjoyed those shows and performed just fine, and I am glad he got to see so many of his dear friends among the Wobblies, at Charlie and Marilyn’s house concert series, and at the Botto House May Day Concert with Anne Feeney, Chris Chandler and our friends from the “Solidarity Singers” labor chorus.
His health has declined in the past two months. This is the chronic lymphocytic leukemia/non-Hodgkins lymphoma that has stalked him for more than ten years, and this time it is winning.
He is surrounded by friends and has been in touch with and received cards, pictures, etc. from so many people over the past month…
He wants me to send his love and hope for you, the people we’ve met over the years, and says that you should also keep on fighting. You are all “beautiful people,” to paraphrase Mr. Margolin.
I will have further news soon in another update…I will be hitting the road this fall and booking concerts and showings of the “Union Man” documentary. Thanks again for all you do and your love for Julius and the work we’ve created.
You may send cards, notes, pics to Julius and the best/fastest way is to get them to me— address the envelope to:
George Mann & Julius Margolin, PO Box 697, New York, NY 10033
Please feel free to forward this to anyone you think should know, especially old friends of Julius. He has known and been friends with so many people and I’m trying to get word out. If you live in NYC area and want to arrange a visit, contact me.
Thanks, George

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