FEC releases 2008 prez/congressional vote count: mixed media response

Ballot Access News is a site which focuses on why and how independent and third party candidates have so many ballot access hurdles to overcome. So, when the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) released its report on votes in the 2008 US Presidential race and Congressional races this week, Ballot Access covered the story in a straightforward way, and the FEC link was given.

And, at Independent Political Report (where I am a contributor), Peter Orvetti reported out an extensive list of third party presidential totals–with parties/candidates who received the highest totals featured on top.

A different angle on the story came from The Hill (a political news web-site). While The Hill does sometimes have third party news, they are heavily focused on the two major parties. The Hill’s reporting on the FEC election results was used to mock alternative parties and third party/independent candidates, while seeming to avoid mention of the top third parties. The title (and focus) of The Hill’s article is, “Bill Clinton edges out Santa.” See the article: here.

The article in The Hill failed to mention important third parties and third party candidates such as: the Libertarian Party, Bob Barr, Ralph Nader, the Constitution Party, Cynthia McKinney, or the Green Party of the United States. Though, ironically, and apparently accidentally, the article did give some mention to the more genuine third party cause. In a list of what it called ” ‘extra-special’ affiliations”, such as the “All-Day Breakfast Party” and the “Rock the Boat Party”, The Hill article wound up mentioning “The Boston Tea Party”. (Does The Hill understand that they are a valid party?) And, the list also mentioned the “Green-Rainbow Party“, which is actually the Green Party’s name in Massachusetts, where the greens merged with the Rainbow Party. So, maybe, despite itself, The Hill article wasn’t entirely a negative for third parties after all?

(There is a more complete and respectful list of alternative parties at Politics1.com.)

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