Fracking and the Environment: Natural Gas Drilling, Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Contamination

Fracking and the Environment: Natural Gas Drilling, Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Contamination

Gas drilling companies such as Halliburton say the gas drilling technique known as hydraulic fracturing, or” fracking”, is safe, but opponents contend it pollutes groundwater with dangerous substances. Now, new evidence has emerged possibly linking natural gas drilling to groundwater contamination. ProPublica journalist Abrahm Lustgarten reports federal officials in Wyoming have found that at least three water wells contain chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing.

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Green Party of New York’s Release on the State of the State
January 10, 2009

“The governor should also call for a total halt on shale gas drilling upstate, and pledge to fully fund the DEC…”

GP Penn calls for the resignation of Acting DEP Secretary John Hanger over Marcellus Shale
April 1, 2009

“Green Party of Pennsylvania renews its call for the prohibition of the hydrofracturing or ‘fracking’ process, a severance tax on all mineral extraction in Pennsylvania, a ban on drilling on public lands without the consent of the residents of the commonwealth, and implementation of a program of conservation, efficiency and true clean energy technologies, issued in an October 2008 statement.”

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  1. i was born knowing the truth about pollution and your health, Fracking dose contaminate drinking water the facts are being over looked because politicians are in the pockets of profiting industry and big money is winning! we as voters need to have the right to hold accountable the politicians and even the EPA and other organizations for lieing to the hole world for all these years. TOS out the bums in office who we all know are in the pockets of big money! plus, we need to get rid of somel appointed positions in government and let people vote on who heads things like the EPA.

  2. plus i forgot to add, There are s many other ways to make power, like wind and solar, there is no need for coal oil and or gas anymore its just the Dam greed who wont let old technology go and invest in new stuff even if its just sustainable not profitable. that’s what sucks, there is no profit in sustainably so to stay in control the top 1% of the rich wont even invest in it mostly because they own or run it all!
    Dam the rich, may God save the poor!

  3. When it comes to gas well drilling its a good thing that most times salt water disposal wells are specifically prohibited. It would be a concern of mine that groundwater might be contaminated when saltwater waste is injected back into the ground.

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