Harry Chapin Tribute Video: 11 Songs for Caring


Kimberly writes:

On August 31st, 2009 I went to the Annual Harry Chapin Tribute concert held at Eisenhower Park in Nassau County. That park is where Harry Chapin was headed the night that he got into a car accident and died. The venue is now called Harry Chapin Lakeside Theatre. Going to the concert is like a vigil to a folk hero.

Though, it is also something more. It is a celebration of a life, an artist, and a thinker. It is a chance to hear songs that tell about the human spirit and striving to be the best we can be. And, it is a fundraiser for the work that Harry’s memory and Harry’s family carry on — feeding the hungry. If you are inspired by the music and the message, please consider making the world a better place yourself, with a donation to Long Island Cares/Harry Chapin Food Bank. www.licares.org

I feel so bad that I was not able to capture all the bands on tape! Wasn’t planning on the video so much, and only using a hand-held camera. Though, all the musicians who performed deserve high praise for helping a worthy cause.

Here is what is on the tape: Sample music from…”Cat’s in the Cradle” performed by Gathering Time; “I Wonder What Would Happen” by Judith Zweiman and an ensemble; “Shooting Star” by Spoon Walk; “Mr. Tanner” by Robin Eve, with Frank Walker; “Dance Band on the Titanic” by Sonny Meadows, the Defribillators, and Tornado Alley combined!; “The Rock” by Media Crime; “Story of a Life” by Josh Joffen with poetry intro by J. Barrett Wolf; “Remember When The Music” by Lucky 13; “I Want To Learn A Love Song” by Lisa Itts; “Taxi” by Doc Butler & JC Cobb and friends; and “Circle Song” by everyone. The event was hosted by Stuart Markus.

P.S. Long Island Cares has many events throughout the year. Taking care of hunger is a full time job. If you do get to hear a rendition of “Taxi”, don’t forget that you are supposed to say the part, “Harry keep the change.” I missed it the other night, and I was very disappointed…gotta stay more in tune with the vibes…

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