Reverend Billy gets a blog endorsement

from Handy Instrumental
The New Mayor of NYC
(including a big photo of Reverend Billy with his choir behind him.)

At first I didn’t care. “He’s fine.” I thought of Uncle Mike, “I don’t love everything that he does, but at least there are more bike lanes.”

Then the campaign hit my mailbox. The hate mail against Thompson was just uncalled for. If Thompson was such a threat to warrant this vehemence and expense, maybe Thompson was my guy! But no. Thompson seems unimaginative, bureaucratic and just as weaselly as any of the rest.

The debates seem to have forgotten to invite the Green Party’s candidate. Imagine that? The republican/independence contender revealed his intention to further sell every piece of NYC to the highest bidder, while the democrat tried to sound sensible and for the people without endangering his position by revealing it.

So, there’s Reverend Billy. He may seem a bit radical, but are these not radical times? We are constantly being fed the specter of our tenuous economy, is not the answer to be less consumer-oriented?

In a Mayoral field populated with a Billionaire, a Bureaucrat, and the Reverend of the Church of Life After Shopping, who will you vote for?

And, a less flattering – by somehow quite amusing – story about Reverend Billy and other third party candidates is linked below. Does the title give you a hint?

A Guide to NYC’s Nutbag Political Contenders

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