NYC Election Results: Rev Billy vote tally, etc.

At NY1 there is a chart with numbers for all the third party candidates in races including Mayor, Comptroller, Public Advocate, all the way to City Council members. You can see how all the Green Party candidates in New York City did.

For Mayor, with 98.4% of precincts reporting, Green Party candidate Reverend Billy Talen received 8,891 votes, which puts him at  0.82% of the vote. Note that in New York — I have a observed firsthand through many races — the poll workers often overlook third party totals on election night. It is nearly always the case that the totals for third party candidates will go up measurably on the automatic recanvas/recount (totals often released 2 or 3 weeks later.)

With the preliminary figures, Reverend Billy increased the Green Party percentage from the 2005 Mayor’s race. (2005 figures here) And, in 2009, Reverend Billy was 4th in a field of 8, with the only other third party candidate to top him being the Conservative, with 1.66%. In New York State, the Conservative Party is an automatic ballot status party (unlike the greens, who needed way more petitions, and are not listed directly on voter registration forms anymore. But, you can still register “other: Green Party” if you know…)

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