Nassau County, LI: Republican challenger Mangano leads Democratic Party incumbent Suozzi

November 29th update: As per The New York Times: As of Wednesday [November 25], with all but a handful of the ballots counted, Mr. Suozzi trailed by 217 votes

November 17th Update: As per this story at Long Island Press: “Mangano took the lead last week by 497 votes following a re-canvassing of voting machines. Now, that lead has grown to 554 votes, according to Republican Board of Elections Commissioner John A. DeGrace, citing the latest official ballot figures following the first day of the absentee and affidavit count…He [DeGrace] explains the process must wrap up by Nov. 27, though depending on the amount of challenges and the decision of Justice McCarty, it could take longer…”

Nov 14th Update: As per Newsday (which I hate to link to, since they erected a firewall), the Democrats are thinking of demanding a total re-vote, a new election, because they say some of the tallies don’t add up. I just think that means Suozzi is really hurting…(and wouldn’t it be embarrassing if he lost twice!!!!)

Nov 11th Update: Mangano up 497. It was discovered that one of the lines that Mangano was on — one of those “made up” parties, stuck at the far end of the ballot — was overlooked a lot on election night. So, Mangano is doing even better. A November 11th story at LI Press says Mangano is now up 497 votes. Also, that the parties are due in court on Nov. 13th to discuss progress.


Re: The November 2009 Nassau County Executive race, which — in an upset for incumbent, Democrat, higher-office-seeking Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi  — was too close to call! The Board of Elections tally is here. As of Tuesday, Nov 10th at noon, it only shows the unofficial, election night results.

(excerpt from) Long Island Press
Mangano Leads Suozzi After First Day Of Recount
GOP candidate has 24-vote lead

by Michael M. Martino, Jr. on Nov 10th, 2009

…After the first day of recounting votes from Election Day, Nassau County Executive GOP candidate Ed Mangano leads incumbent [Democrat] Tom Suozzi by 24 votes.

The number is small but could paint a troubling scenario for Suozzi, who is seeking a third term in office…

…the BOE does not expect to certify any winners until the end of this month.

Kimberly’s humble opinion and insights:

Watching from the other county, I found Suozzi to be kind of conservative for a Democrat, not someone worth the progressive community clutching to. And, Suozzi is tied in with Jay Jacobs, the Nassau County and now NY State Democratic Party Chair who is particularly unpleasant towards third parties. (Hmmm…I am sure it was partly based on Nassau County success stories that Jay Jacobs was given his state level position…will that be reconsidered???)

I have had two friends from Nassau County that know Ed Mangano give me their opinions. One worked with him in government, one knew him from school. Basically, I think Mangano is kind of plain and unspectacular. It will be interesting to see who he gathers around him.

I do like to see any duopoly incumbent go down. Especially when I have never seem them particularly champion peace or any great justice cause. So, we shall see…

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  1. I’m linking to you at Libertarian Republican.

    Wonder what was that “made up party” that put Mangano over the top??

    • Thanks for the link in.

      The “made-up ballot line” for Mangano was “Tax Revolt Party line”

      I don’t think it is that important to the conversation, because in NY, something like that can have no “people” or “party” behind it. It is usually just some phrase the candidate picks that they think anyone will respond to. And, he did not even get a lot of hits on that line.

      Also, I don’t want to feed into the story that Suozzi and the status quo are trying to say that, “Suozzi lost because voters are angry with high taxes.” Because, that is b.s. Voters in Long Island are always angry about high taxes, and it does not make them pick one candidate over another in most cases. Suozzi lost because of a variety of reasons. Largely because he doesn’t do anything profound. He is “conservative” for a Democrat, so he loses his base. And, everyone sees him vying for higher office so much, it is difficult to think he is doing his real job.

      (Also, it is somewhat embarassing to Mangano that he chose that line, because a business in his family (that is at least somewhat related to him) has $900,000 of tax liens against it. So, his situation would be odd for him if he became an elected official. And, these facts reveal that Mangano’s anger at taxes is not for the noble reason of simple, hard-working people being overburdened.)

      • not about taxes? Its all about taxes and waste, just like NJ. Long Islanders have had enough great ideas, high spending, and being slammed with taxes. Suozzi lost because, like the other Democrats in Nassau County, he was arrogantly spending our money. Sorry, but the great democratic tax experiment is over, the voters have had enough.

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