The Democratic Party is a bad “Yo Mama” joke

Thanks to Green Party Watch for the tip.

Dan Kairis is running for Congress, 14th District, in Illinois. Kairis filed signatures to run on the Green Party line. Those challenges are being brought by someone who is receiving help from lawyers connected to the Democratic Party of Illinois. Among the accusations is that the signature of Dan Kairis’ mother on the petition is forged. So, basically, Democratic Party operatives are saying “Yo Mama!” to a citizen, trying to run for office in Illinois.

(excerpt from) Daily Herald
Foes try to knock Green Party off ballot in 14th Congressional District

By James Fuller / 11/20/09

…Kairis is facing the possibility of getting booted off the ballot, at least temporarily, in what seems to be an attempt by Democrats to cut down the field of challengers early on.

Jean Cattron, of Elgin, filed the petition challenge…

…rules require Kairis to have only 38 signatures from registered voters in the district to appear on the ballot. Kairis, of South Elgin, filed 62 signatures. Cattron’s challenge is based on the validity of the bulk of those signatures. Namely, her challenge argues the signatures are forgeries.

Christina Tobin and the Free & Equal, Inc. are representing Kairis in the challenge. Free & Equal specializes in ballot access and petition challenges. Tobin said the lawyers for Cattron’s challenge are well-connected to the Illinois Democratic Party and represent “frivolous objections.”

“This is literally an objection in bad faith,” Tobin said. “The voters deserve voices and choices. There’s no limit to how far these (party) leaders will go to ensure voice and choice stays off the ballot.”

Kairis said every signature on his petitions is either a friend, neighbor or direct relative. Cattron’s challenge questions the validity of signatures belonging to both his son and his mother…

Often with petition challenges, the lawyers for the challenger forces the  candidate-hopeful to get affidavits from the people who signed, or drag them into court to testify. So, among other things, this may have been a way to hassle Dan Kairis and his family. And, to send a message to people to be afraid of using their closes support networks to do politics and social change.

Various asides from Kimberly:

-I feel a sense of empathy with Dan Kairis, because I ran for the 14th Legislative District in Suffolk.

-I think it is fascinating that the Herald story notes Jean Cattron claims that the reason she filed the challenges is because, “”I just feel like everybody should play by the same rules.” If Illinois is anything like NY, those rules are written by the Democratic Party and Republican Party incumbent polititicians, in order to keep the competition out. So, nothing noble about those rules!

-Also, if Illinois is like New York, expect that Jean Cattron or someone in her family will fall into a paid patronage position soon…

– Free & Equal is a start to getting legal help to third parties and independents for petition challenges. But, we really need lots of Green Party and third party lawyers. People say it all the time. But, for real, we need a scholarship fund or something to start creating a pool of helpful lawyers.

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  2. I like it. (The article, that is. I dislike the sleazy challenges.)

  3. Dan,
    What’s the latest news about your signature challenge?

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